Weekly Update 02/08

I have some new develops in the project, though, I’m still working on getting participants for upcoming shoots. Tonight I am working on the budget, which I will post once finished. Last Wednesday I processed two rolls of film, one roll of UN-54 and one roll of UN-74. They both turned out with image and I got them transferred. I will pick up the transfer tomorrow and post the results. I’m going to edit them both down to 50′ rolls and then make a contact print onto 7302 (hi-con) print stock, which I will then put in the developer only, then mask with tape and then do a reversal process, remove the tape and then put in the fixer. This experimental process is known as mono flex. After doing this, I will have a better idea of the work flow and what the image is going to look like. I have also contacted some participants this week and also have gotten a collaborator for music/sound design: Joe Braun. He and I will meet and discuss the project and record a sound piece next weekend. Things are moving along, and the production is well under way in the coming weeks.


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