Update and Rough Cut

“Time is the substance I am made of. Time is a river which sweeps me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger which destroys me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire which consumes me, but I am the fire.” – Borges

It’s a race against time… and pieces of the visual and audio of the film are starting to collide in powerful ways.

I’ve successfully put together an entire rough cut. The next step is to finish up the audio, mix and master audio, and work on titles. I’m thinking for the titles that I want to have everyone write their name in sharpie on a white paper and I will scan them in, work on them in after effects and then use the digital to film printer to print them to film. I’ve decide not to finish on film at this point because of the cost and the time restraint. Showing my film digitally will also give me more time to work on editing and titles. I’m hoping to eventually finish on film and get a married optical sound print when I can raise a bit of money and have more time to send it off to the lab. I’m happy with how the film is coming together and I’m hoping to get feedback on my rough cut and work towards a finished product in the next couple weeks.


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