Still Truckin’

Two weeks left and I’m still truckin’ -almost at picture lock and then I’ll be working on finalizing sound and mixing and mastering sound in Protools. I’ve been experimenting with mixing around the sections to see what flows the best and how the ending will feel- what audiences will be left to ponder. I find myself turning again to Bresson’s Notes on Cinematography for this final stage before the screening:

“Because you do not have to imitate, like painters, sculptors, novelists, the appearance of persons and objects (machines do that for you), your creation or invention confines itself to the ties you know between the various bits of reality caught. There is also the choice of the bits. Your flair decides.” -pg. 74

This is the stage of the film where my creativity and inventiveness comes in: the various stages of post-production and finalizing each element. I’m hoping that some of my personal “flair” comes through in this process and that I am able to fine tune and perfect to the point where the film begins to really take off on it’s own and become something greater than myself and greater than I could have imagined it being… We will see. For now, I got to keep truckin’


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