Information for Potential Participants

I am seeking participants: any persons who self identify as men or masculine gender identity, of any age, race, or creed. I am seeking people to participate through an audio interview, be a subject to photograph, or both.

Participants can choose to remain anonymous or have their names / pseudonyms appear in the ending credits. I will choose participants based on their experiences and conciseness of the audio or visual material in attempt to provide a diverse variety of ages, races, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender expressions. The only stipulation will be that they identify as men- whether this be transgendered men (ftm), cisgendered men, or masculine spectrum identified. Genderqueer applicants will be considered under the knowledge that the title of the film is Moobs: Men and Their Breasts, and that the participant will more or less be grouped into the category of “men,” though they will be free to self identify as otherwise in their audio interview. This is not to exclude or erase the genderqueer or trans* identities, but to more concisely portray the intended purpose of the film, which is to discover how men and masculine identified peoples feel about their breasts and subsequently their bodies as a result of having or having had a typically secondary sex characteristic of natal female persons.

Applicants must understand that they may or may not be included in the final cut of the documentary film. There are many reasons artistically, technically, or otherwise why their material(s) may not be used. Applicants must also understand that all materials used will remain property of the filmmaker and producer, while knowing that the filmmaker will be respectful of applicants requests for how the material will be displayed or if they decide that they no longer want the material to be displayed.

If successful, Moobs will be an intimate portrayal of the bodies and lives of people that may not have had their voices heard otherwise because of stigmatization or marginalization. It will be a process both emotionally and psychologically for crew, participants, and audiences alike.

If you are interested in participating or interested in being part of the crew, please email Forrest at Please include your name, in what ways you are interested in participating, and your basic contact information such as email and phone number.


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